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Jason Prushinski

Construction has been a huge part of Jason's life since graduating from High School. Starting with landscaping and hardscaping 25 years ago his specialists continued to change over the years and he is now the muscle and jack of all trades behind Spruce Your Roost. 


Rori Prushinski

With a background in Art, Design, and Real Estate Rori brings a creative eye filled with knowledge of the current market to each project. Her style is clean and simple and will stand the test of time. Rori doesn't just watch a design come to life, you'll see her getting her hands dirty too.


cabinet builder

Spruce Your Roost's dynamic retired builder with over 40 years of cabinet and woodworking experience.  Using techniques and methods passed down through generations, Jim operates and maintains a fully equipped woodworking shop where he carefully crafts the custom pieces designed by Spruce Your Roost.

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